10468440_10152582436437227_3774354439494059885_nHappy New Year everyone! Somewhat belated I know, but I’ve been out of signal for the past week or so and have only just managed to get back to reality.
Well I started the year with an adventure to the Isle of Lewis to the studio of Colin Macleod (a.k.a. The Boy Who Trapped the Sun), to record what will become part two of the triple album I’ve decided I want to make. The ice cold storms came raging in (113mph winds anyone?) and we lost power for a couple of days, but found ways round it and kept ourselves busy (or watched surf films on laptops till the batteries went). Eventually the power came back on and making up for lost time we embarked on a session of ludicrous intent. The ferry time was brought forward to 9:00am meaning we had yet another half day chopped off our schedule, meaning we had to record and mix through the night. I got to bed around 4:30 but poor Colin in a show of extreme commitment carried on consolidating files until it was time to drive us to the ferry port. A round of applause please for his 18hour, dusk till dawn heroics…. 🙂
We still weren’t sure if we would make it off the island for a while but then the ferry decided it would sail and the announcer reassuringly told us “there’s a break in the weather so we’re basically gonna make a run for it!”
So I made it home safely after nearly a day of driving and am now holed up in my cosy wee shed mixing my little cotton socks off so that I can start work on part three. Boom!
As well as the recording project, there’s a tonne of shows been announced and tickets are all up for sale in the tour section as per usual.
I’ll be doing my best to keep you informed and chronicle this already bonkers year. And with another album still to go and the naturally peaky-troughy nature of being a skint musician, I’m sure it’s gonna be worth chronicling!
Take it easy until next time… x


  1. thanks again for entertaining us last night at the half moon! we really enjoyed it! we will be back to see you in the near future!


    Pete and Lois (Manchester).

    p.s. when you finally get some spare time it would be great if you could put some guitar chords on the website!!!

  2. I’m across the pond. And a great fan. Listening intently, as you grow, each verse. Love your songs! Wish I could be at your concerts.

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